Eric Soh

Production Manager

Every Agency will have a technical expert to manage productions n all collateral and technical set up. Eric is the main person of our production team with more than 16 years’ experience in event production and technical especially in electrical equipment’s and stage props installation. Started his career as an electrical apprentice and move on to Event Management as Event Executive with TK Tent. His spot-on and eye for details approach does show when he was appointed by PWTC Management as their Project Contractor for more than 8 years. At YDL GLOBAL EVENTS, Eric is the person who plans and executed the events, technical and collaterals requirements, working behind the scene….. Including logistical elements that help an event success. This includes event layout, set-up arrangement, logistic, and technical requirement.

A multi-tasking professional, Eric is considered as an event architect behind the scene who’s always involved in the early planning stages of every event and advising every aspect of the event from production to technicalities requirements.